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senior staff

Senior Staff

At Upward Bound House, we empower our families to overcome their barriers to housing so that they can transition out of homelessness and poverty. Our programs build on each family’s strengths and teach them professional and life skills while also bolstering their ability to be self-sufficient and independent. Since our inception, we have placed around 1,400 families in permanent housing, including 2,600 children.

Christine Mirasy-Glasco

President and CEO

Christine Mirasy-Glasco leads Upward Bound House (UBH) with over twenty-five years of experience in the field of homelessness. Prior to joining UBH, she was the Chief Programs Officer at PATH where she oversaw programs of four organizations operating temporary shelters, interim housing, service centers, and permanent supportive housing projects. She also served as Chief Executive Officer of Beyond Shelter, a leading provider of housing and services for homeless families. Her nonprofit experience is complemented by many years of leading the Contracts and Grants Management department of the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA).

Christine sits on several policy tables including the Continuum of Care (CoC) Board as well as the Race Equity Committee of the Homelessness Policy Research Institute. Christine is also the Co-Chair of the Family Caucus, a subgroup of the Provider Alliance to End Homelessness, an alliance of nonprofit agencies united by a shared commitment to serve the needs of all who experience homelessness and to break the cycle of poverty. She is also the former Co-Chair of the Westside Coalition, an alliance of forty-five organizations, public agencies and faith communities.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Law from the University of Nice, Sophia-Antipolis, Nice, France, a Master’s degree in International and European Law from the University of Paris II – Panthéon-Assas, Paris, France and a Pre-doctorate degree in International Economic Law from the University of Paris I – Panthéon-Sorbonne, Paris, France.

Tara 3.PNG
Tara Brown

Director of Administration

Tara is a dynamic management professional with over 15 years of progressive leadership and management experience. She has a strong programs and administrative background in non-profit management, gathered from her various leadership roles in housing and homeless services; including Outreach Coordinator for ESAP Program at Watts Labor Community Action Committee, Director of Tenant Hotline for the Housing Rights Center, and Chief Administrative Officer at PATH Partners. Tara came to UBH in 2017, and now provides oversight, management, and systems integration to the various housing and employment programs at UBH. She is responsible for overall program development, implementation, outcomes and evaluation. Ms. Brown also has extensive experience in building community partnerships and support for programs, to further improve and enrich the various wrap-around services available to the families we serve.

When Tara isn’t working on UBH projects, she is immersed in serving the community through her membership on the Board of Directors for Sanctuary of Hope, a non-profit agency working with emancipated foster youth and Transition Age Youth. She is also an avid outdoors-person, sports fan, and is a member of the Rancho Tennis Club, Harbor City Volleyball League, and Westside Volleyball League. She has also continued her involvement with her favorite charity, UniCamp, and Sunshine Kids.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in History from UCLA.

Ed 4.PNG
Edward Kellum

Director of Operations and Compliance

Edward is currently the Director of Operations and Compliance for Upward Bound House. He has worked in the non-profit sector for the past four years. Prior to joining Upward Bound House he served as Senior Manager of Operations for First To Serve Outreach Ministries, and before that as Property Loans Manager for Southern California Alcohol & Drug Programs, Inc. Edward’s focus has always been in the implementation of best practices, procedures, reports and documentation as necessary to develop and sustain the infrastructure of organizations providing supportive housing throughout the county of Los Angeles.

At Upward Bound House Edward is responsible for developing metrics and key performance indicators to gauge the effectiveness of operations and ensure efficiency across the agency. Edward holds a degree from Columbia College of Hollywood in Television and Cinema Production, and worked in television and media production for over a decade, before transitioning to social services work. Born and raised in Northern California, he resides in Cerritos, California with his devoted wife Va Lecia and two of their three children.

Jorge Gomez

Director of Facilities

Jorge is currently the Director of Facilities for Upward Bound House. He moved from his hometown of Guatemala City to Los Angeles in 2003, and began working at Upward Bound House the same year. He graduated with a major in Computer Information Systems and Business from California State University, Los Angeles. Passionate about helping people and trying to eliminate homelessness, he has channeled his knowledge and skills to provide a safe and comfortable living space for families with children in our programs.

Jorge is responsible for managing UBH’s shelters for homeless families in Santa Monica and Culver City along with low income housing for seniors, Senior Villa. He also assisted with the construction and opening of our first crisis housing facility in Culver City. Jorge regularly provides creative solutions throughout the planning and execution of yearly maintenance plans. Jorge and his facilities team work hard to ensure that all incoming families feel welcome when they enter their new home at UBH.


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