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The goal of our programs is to ensure that homelessness is as brief as possible for the vulnerable families we serve, and to assist them in addressing the barriers they face in obtaining and remaining in permanent housing. 

temporary housing

Temporary Housing

Crisis and Transitional Housing

While families stay in these two forms of interim housing, they receive a wide-array of services that allow them to heal, grow, and develop the skills necessary to obtain and maintain permanent housing and achieve their goals.  These include case management, training & employment (through career connect – our employment development program), housing search and placement, on-site clinical emotional/mental health support services, and the health, wellness and farm program.

Permanent Housing

Permanent housing

Through our permanent housing programs, we help homeless families move from shelters into permanent housing as quickly as possible by providing apartment search and financial assistance for security deposits and short-term rent subsidies.  Once families move-in, we follow through with individualized in-home services to address parent, child and family barriers to school stability, economic security and overall well-being. 

Upward Bound House has developed a vast network of partners in the housing industry including landlords, property managers, and developers to help us identify and secure affordable housing options for families.



The goal of the program is to ensure housing stability and child and family well-being long-term and breaking the cycle of homelessness. We help families establish, or strengthen, connections with community-based resources (e.g., food banks, child care, afterschool programs), pursue employment advancement or other financial goals and uphold their responsibilities as tenants.

Health & Wellness Program

Health & wellness program

UBH's Wellness Program offers families, clinically-designed, and developmentally-appropriate activities on our full-fledged organic farm. Located in Santa Monica, our urban farm, donated by Roque & Mark, plays a vital role in reducing food insecurity for our participants, while providing practical healthy living life skills.

  • Healthy Living: Families engage in planting, harvesting, and cooking organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs. These activities reduce the effects of stress brought on by homelessness, promote a healthy lifestyle, and inform parents and children on healthy food choices.

  • Community Engagement: Families have the opportunity to work side-by-side with partners from local schools, chefs from local restaurants, and other community organizations, increasing a sense of connectedness with the community and reducing social isolation. 

For further questions about the farm, please contact us at



The Pantry Coordinator and her team of volunteers manage our pantry with a wide variety of prepared and fresh foods and dry goods at no cost to families. Members of the pantry team pick up deliveries from partnering stores and agencies who donate these healthy, high-quality goods.


At ”Hidden Treasures” families pick out new or gently-used clothing, household items, and baby essentials at no cost. All items are donated by the community at-large including individuals, corporations and businesses.

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