A Barrel of Gifts!

Generous Birthday Gift Bags Donated by Temple Akiba in Culver City!

In association with Mitzvah Day - a nationwide event where Jewish organizations
organize community projects to help better the lives of those in need - Temple Akiba in
Culver City rallied in support of the families at Upward Bound House. The effort was
led by Sharlene London who came up with the fantastic idea to create birthday gift bags
for children at Upward Bound House.

Each gift bag has all the items for a proper party: hats, birthday cake mix, frosting, sprinkles, plates, napkins, cups, gift wrap,
birthday card. And of course each gift bag is overflowing with presents: clothes, stuffed
animals, toys, books, art supplies, school supplies and cosmetics for teens.

Temple Akiba participants wrote to corporations and solicited donations from the
community in order to complete the project and fill the birthday bags.

With Temple Akiba's generous donation of birthday bags, the children in residence at
Upward Bound House are sure to have a fun - and memorable - birthday celebration!
Thank you Temple Akiba!

If you are interested in facilitating a similar project, please contact Rebecca Zada at
rzada@upwardboundhouse.org for more information.